Players capture bowling team challenge

— George Dunckel, Larry Widman, Jason VanderWeide, Bill Carson and Greg Richards finished first in the Valley Lanes team challenge last week.

Percy Kuehne, Mike Dennis, CJ Bjorson, Dale Bjorson and Chance Eperson took second. Gene Gates, Teresa Perry, Patty DeTro, Justin Allen and Dale Dunckel were third.

Last week in bowling:

Sunday Mixed: High game: Bill Carson, 244. High Series: Bill Carson, 631.

Monday Majors: High games: John Gelvin, 255; Nick Powell, 254; Les McKay, 247; Dale Dunckel, 237; Dan Wentz, 236; Larry Widman, 236; Smiley Smith, 233; Cory Fletcher, 232; Bob Stevens, 229; Dave Carlton, 228. High series: Nick Powell, 712; Les McKay, 674; John Gelvin, 674; Dale Dunckel, 656; Todd Stanley, 650; Dave Carlton, 646; Dan Wentz, 629; Smiley Smith, 619; Al Hoberg, 605.

Wednesday Classic Scratch: Men’s high games: Jason VanderWeide, 269; Travis Fry, 260; Lyle Ludeman, 248; Dale Dunckel, 236; Jeremy Fletcher, 235. Men's high series: Travis Fry, 731; Jason VanderWeide, 693; Jeremy Fletcher, 650; Dale Dunckel, 648; Smiley Smith, 621; Don Peck, 612; Larry Widman, 611.

Ladies' high games: Karen Trottier, 204; Teresa Perry, 202. Ladies' high series: Teresa Perry, 541; Raelyn Lewis, 529.

Thursday Seniors: High games: Jim Allard, 233; Bob Kawahara, 219; Ed Elwell, 201; Les McKay, 189. High series: Jim Allard, 595; Bob Kawahara, 556.

Thursday King Pin: High games: Larry Widman, 258; Travis Fry, 248; Brodie Verstegen, 248; Don Peck, 247. High series: Don Peck, 719; Travis Fry, 685; Jason VanderWeide, 661; Brodie Verstegen, 650.

Friday Mixed: Men's high games: Travis Fry, 268; Lyle Ludeman, 238. Men's high series: Travis Fry, 758; Lyle Ludeman, 668; Dale Dunckel, 601.

Ladies' high game: Raelyn Lewis, 203. Ladies' high series: Raelyn Lewis, 558.

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