Dye test starts today at Grand Coulee Dam

— The Bureau of Reclamation is conducting a dye test beginning today to locate water leakage into Grand Coulee Dam's Right Powerhouse when it rains.

The leakage poses no danger to the public and the condition of both the dam and powerhouse are sound.

“We want to prevent employees from slipping on wet floors," acting Power Manager Kerry McCalman said. "This dye test should help us identify the source, so measures can be taken to correct the issue."

The movement of the dye will help to determine the path of the leakage and will assist engineers for future maintenance needs.

Dye may be injected multiple times over the next two weeks to check several places for leakage. The water below the dam may be slightly discolored as the engineers inject a biodegradable blue dye on the upstream side of the Right Powerhouse at the base of the dam.

The dye is safe for the environment and harmless to animals and humans, officials said.

Grand Coulee Dam was completed in 1941 and serves as a multipurpose facility providing water for irrigation, hydroelectric power production, flood control, recreation, fish and wildlife.

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