Pateros takes 22-21 lead over Republic to half-time

— With seconds to go in the half, Pateros Coach Sheri Mortimer changed up the defense a bit to keep the fast-paced Republic Tigers in check.

But the Tigers moved to within one point after Demi Jo Vaughn put sank two freethrows as the clock ran down.

At the half, Pateros had a 22-21 lead over Republic.

Ashton Steggall accounted for 6 of Pateros' 22 points. Jessi Dowers and Vanessa Figueroa each added 4, with Lorie LaDoux and Katarina Wilson each knocking down a 3-pointer.

For Republic, Savannah Bowe, a 10th-grader, leads the scoring with 7 points. Shania Graham has 6 as does Vaughn.

Graham's 6 points came from two 3-pointers.

The game resumes in 4 minutes.

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