Jan. 8, 2014 - Letters to the Editor

Voters should pass the Tonasket bond

I want to encourage you to vote yes on the Tonasket school bond and levy in February. Those who know I am an old teacher might accuse me of being self-serving, but my reasons are self-serving in a way that may not be so obvious.

I want to live in a vibrant community. I see so many former students in vital roles in our community, and I believe a great education is an excellent foundation benefiting everyone.

As a community member, I want students coming out of our schools to be lifelong learners. When I go to the town library, I want the former student behind the counter to know how to operate the equipment. I want local contractors to have the skills to run a business.

It is a benefit not only to me, but to the community as a whole to have well-trained first responders. As I grow older, I worry that I might fall. There is a good chance the first responder who comes through my door is a graduate of our school right now.

From my time on the volunteer fire department, I know the hours of training required by first responders. If they are going to stay current on techniques and technology, they must have a solid basic education.

After a fall, I might spend time in the hospital. I will be served by other Tonasket graduates. Their math and science skills will need to be strong in the nursing field to help with my recovery.

For a vibrant community now and a safe community tomorrow, I encourage you to recognize the benefits we all receive from strong schools.

Please vote yes on both the Tonasket school bond and levy.

Scott Olson


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