Manson teachers awarded funds

Manson teacher Andrea Whitney has received $1,550 to purchase xylophones for her class.

Manson teacher Andrea Whitney has received $1,550 to purchase xylophones for her class.

— Manson High School teachers have received $10,000 in grants from the Community Foundation of North-Central Washington.

Students in the program presented the awards Friday to the teachers

“These funds have made a huge impact on learning” Manson Schools Principal Don Vanderholm said. “There is something almost magical about the creativity these grants have inspired in our district. Suddenly, it’s possible to think outside the box and go there.

This year’s award recipients are:

  • Andrea Whitney - $1,550 for xylophones
  • Chas Pauly - $1,465 for wilderness field courses
  • Matthew Brown - $1,309 for music stand and chairs for concerts
  • Phil Fournier - $1,000 for a poetry- and art-focused field trip to Seattle Art Museum
  • Sandra Clausen - $975 for an after-school culinary arts class
  • Heather Teague - $900 for an infinity rig for the weight room
  • Heather Ireland - $520 for a 5th Avenue Theatre production
  • Don Vanderholm - $500 for an academic awards ceremony
  • Kamie Kronbauer and Kevin Amsden - $420 to design a miniature golf course
  • Katie Sperling - $292 for phonics sing-along song books and CDs
  • Karoline Martin - $300 for books for middle and high school libraries
  • Kevia Helleson - $250 for a Dream Big career day
  • Diana Soliday - $244 for a library in her second-grade classroom
  • Jen Koth and Tara Janet - $175 for an energy production adventure

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