Sept. 29, 2013 - News of Record - Sheriff

From the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office reports

Sept. 26

Graffiti at 1400 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport.

Warrant at Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office, Okanogan.

Civil dispute at 325 12th St., Bridgeport.

Fraud/forgery at 108 Arden Ave., Bridgeport Bar.

Extra patrol at 120 Simpson St., Mansfield.

Sept. 25

Civil dispute at 1124 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport.

Traffic offense at state Highway 173, Milepost 3, Bridgeport Bar.

Vehicle prowl at 222 17th St., Trailer 11, Bridgeport.

Sept. 24

Warrant at Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office, Okanogan.

Animal problem at 1400 Tacoma Ave., Bridgeport.

Weapons violation at 1300 Douglas Ave., Bridgeport Middle School, Bridgeport.

Burglary at 1617 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport.

Suspicious activity at 41 Crane Orchard Road, Bridgeport Bar.

Animal problem at 1952 Monroe Ave., Bridgeport.

Sept. 23

Suspicious activity at 98 Grange Road, Bridgeport Bar.

911 call at 1215 Columbia Ave., La Azteca Bakery, Bridgeport.

Public assistance at 121 Second St., Bridgeport.

Sept. 22

911 call at 886 Highland Orchard Road, Kay’s Floral Design, Bridgeport.

911 call at 700 Fairview Ave., Apartment B9, Bridgeport.

Civil dispute at 125 Fisk Ave., Bridgeport Bar.

Drugs at Honeygold Drive, Mansfield.

Sept. 21

Warrant at Omak Police Department, Omak.

Agency assist at state Highway 173 and Grange Road, Bridgeport Bar.

Sept. 20

Animal problem at 822 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport.

Noise complaint at 108 Arden Ave., Bridgeport Bar.

Noise complaint at 124 Fir Ave., Bridgeport Bar.

Theft at 2004 Foster Creek Ave., Bridgeport.

Warrant at 638 state Highway 173, Bridgeport Bar.

Civil dispute at 34 S. Mansfield Blvd., Mansfield.

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