Letter to the Editor for Sept. 4, 2013

Commissioners didn’t mock law

Disappointed with being denied any probability of becoming mayor of New York City this week, disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner has announced plans to apply for president of Girl Scouts USA. “I want to make a difference where it counts!” Wiener said in a press conference, his wife smiling at his side.

No, of course this didn’t happen but if it had it couldn’t possibly have been sillier than Mitch Friedman of the westside liberal political power front, Conservation Northwest, waxing righteous about Okanogan County Commissioners “mocking the law!”

Friedman is an admitted, oft-arrested, eco-vandal who has “mocked” every law that gave him cause to pout for decades, and that’s most of them.

By contrast, the Okanogan County Commissioners didn’t “mock” anything, of course, they just failed miserably to bow and scrape to the political power plays of outsiders Friedman and his Conservation Northwest facade. (And no, Mitch, it takes more than opening an office in the Seattle playground of the Methow Valley, and more than installing one of your hirelings over Okanogan County in the state Department of Fish and Wildlife to become an insider.)

Every lawful decision that isn’t seen by Friedman et al to serve their extremist political power machinations is knee-jerk rubber-stamped a “mockery of law!”

Ho hum.

William Slusher


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