County sets plan to sell Whistler Canyon property

— Two parcels in the Whistler Canyon area owned by Okanogan County will be sold at auction at the end of the year now that their values have been assessed and new boundary lines drawn.

County commissioners passed a resolution to surplus the property, about 32.34 acres of agricultural zoned land and 63.36 acres of cliffs and scab land, on Oct. 21.

The agricultural piece is valued at $174,636 and the scab land parcel is $47,520.

About 3.7 acres that contains the Whistler Canyon trailhead and a parking lot will remain under county ownership. Easements have been established for extending trails, including Frog Pond Trail, according to the resolution.

The Pacific Northwest Trails Association is still collecting donations to compete at auction for the scab land.


geomark says...

shame on you Okanogan County! This land was given to you from the federal government for basically free, my public land and money, and you want to sell it and take it's use away from me for a profit! BS. There are numerous artifacts and uses of the land that you want to sell with no regard to the publics ownership of the land! Money is tight but you should not give up my rights to use this land for your greedy endeavors! Who on the council is going to profit from this! We are in Washington State, not Washington DC. keep this land for the public's use and find another way to mend your coffers. Plan GREAD!

Posted 1 November 2013, 7:38 a.m. Suggest removal

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