Omak bowlers move into first

— The Omak bowling team moved into first place with a strong showing Sunday in the Central Washington Travel League.

The high school bowlers, led by the 603 series of Vanessa VanderWeide, finished with 33.5 points during competition at Eastmont Lanes, coach Dale Dunckel said.

VanderWeide had high single game for the team at 235.

Anthony Lewis rolled a 224 high game to go with a 587 series.

Others on the team included Chase Miranda (191, 530), Drew Autry (165, 494) and Jayden Johnson (158, 450).

Standings: 1, Omak 56. 2, Wenatchee 53. 3-4, Moses Lake No. 1 and Eastmont 39 each. 5, Moses Lake No. 2 33.

In the Junior Varsity League, which also competed Sunday at Eastmont Lanes, the Omak No. 1 team won 22 points and the Omak No. 2 earned 1 point.

High single game and series for junior varsity bowlers included Joshua Fleming (166, 450), Jason Jones (183, 402), Jovan Mercado (151, 391), Jazz Johnson (132, 362), Carlie Reddington (128, 360), Jacob Fletcher (112, 338), Maesun Matt (110, 291) and Matthew Miller (97, 275).

The teams compete again this Sunday in Moses Lake.

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